Thursday, March 22, 2012

TypeSafe Stack 2.0 missing "play debug" like feature

A quick one to help players that are using TypeSafe stack instead of the Play! 2.0 distribution package.
Because I discussed some points on the groups and I saw related StackOverflow entries, that this post might  avoid in the future ^^.

TypeSafe Stack

With its second version, the TypeSafe stack stroke a hit integrating Akka 2.0, Play 2.0 and... its amazing console built on top of both technologies.

With the Scala IDE 2.0 (yeah a lot of 2.0), this stack is ready to tackle the SpringSource Tool Suite, but I don't want to make the comparison here neither explain all of these components... would be long and longer.

But once you've installed the stack and you want to Play! around, they recommend you to use the giter8 template from the typesafehub on github (it also contains a lot of plugins, which you might want).

SBT instead of Play launcher

Using the stack, you won't have the play tool in your hands to generate application and so on, because the way to go is to use g8 and sbt.

This is not an issue but there are some points you'll need to have in mind:

  • the secret is not generated at creation: they're not so far, because the secret is only a random string, and an issue on giter8 is on-going. So, you can create a random string by your own until it will be done. I've also proposed that a new command in sbt might be helpful to regenerate the secret.
  • play debug isn't available: when you need to debug your Play! 2.0 app you need sbt to activate the jdwp when running. For that, there is a MVN_OPTS like SBT_OPTS that comes in your help. Set it with the regular options (-Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=9999).


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